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  • New Age of Online Marketing seminar

    Find out what traditional business must know to generate more leads.

  • 2 Day Digital Immersion Course

    Discover the fundamentals of online marketing.

  • Digital Health Check

    Speak to an online marketing strategist about how to win in your industry.

We Help Traditional Business

We make it easy for traditional businesses to win in the new age of online marketing

So you’ve tried SEO, Google Adwords maybe even Facebook Ads or maybe you’ve built multiple websites believing it would change something? Well, you are reading this so it must not have gone so well…

At this point, you’ve been around the block, you’ve heard every pitch under the sun and quiet frankly you’re losing faith in humanity…

We Understand. But why take the next step with COM?

Simple. Skip the tech talk, we help your business develop more successful relationships between your customers and your business. It’s not about the sale today, it’s about the experience your consumers have online and the relationship (trust) you create that leads to a sale and repeat business. Of course, there is a process but that is our objective! If this sounds like you we want to hear from you!

Education & Innovation Through Marketing

  • Join our one of a kind 2 Day Digital Immersion Course, to help you understand and execute the foundations of your online marketing campaign.

  • Unleash the true potential as an online marketing Ninja! The COM Ninjas Program is perfect for businesses who already have a website but are looking to sharpen up their presence and strategy online.

  • Invest in your business and corporate branding through the market leader program. You’ll work closely with an experienced marketing strategist to build up your online reputation.

Success Stories

Stone Freight Solutions

Stone Freight Solutions Stone Freight Solutions
" I found the team to be very understanding of my limitations thus offering their advice and suggestions. "
Stone Freight Solutions

Your Future Property Management

Your Future Property Management Your Future Property Management
" We didn't realise how much we were in the dark ages until we joined forces with Complete Online Marketing. "
Your Future Property Management

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